Has your child’s video gaming gotten out of control?

Has his schoolwork and social interactions suffered because of it?

Have you found that the solutions you’ve used to address this problem were difficult to use and not effective?


That’s why we’ve built Degamify. Degamify is the first product that’s designed for parents like you to help control your child’s problematic gaming. Degamify was designed by computer networking experts in conjunction with leading child psychologists and addiction counselors. We don’t want to completely stop the gaming, but rather give you the tools to return it to a healthy level.

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What is Degamify?

Degamify is a small device that’s installed into your home’s computer network in under 2 minutes. Unlike other Parental Control products, Degamify does not require you to create complex profiles. It just works because your time is better spent being a parent, not the cyber-police.

Degamify was built to address the biggest problems that parents identify when talking about their child’s gaming:

  • Access to computers is essential to a child’s schoolwork and social community. It can’t simply be taken away.
  • Children are true digital citizens and often know more about computers and setting up home networks than their parents do.
  • Parental Control products often take time to set up and get used to using. Settings need to constantly be modified when a child needs access to something that’s normally “out of bounds”.
  • Games are available at all hours of the night. You can join a game at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Parents need to be parents, not the cyber-police. The gaming may bad but the fights that it starts are worse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Degamify

We don’t see video games as evil. They can certainly teach important skills such as coordination, strategy and leadership. It’s only when kids become too obsessed with their gaming that it really becomes a problem and other aspects of their life are neglected.

Degamify was designed to help you as the parent have more control over the gaming so that it becomes just another aspect of your child’s life like playing sports, playing music and hanging out with friends.

No. Degamify will ignore and not affect your non-gaming network traffic (e.g. web browsing, email, watching Netflix, etc.)

You don’t. Degamify will automatically update itself when necessary.

Our development team is constantly making updates and improvements to the Degamify software. When these updates are fully tested and released, your Degamify device will load them in a safe and secure way, completely automatically.


Degamify is a tool to help parents control gaming. If you want to filter pornography, then you’ll also want to have a Parental Control system. Degamify will work alongside all of them. If you’re not currently using one, we’ll be happy to share the ones we like.


Degamify works at a level that’s much deeper than traditional Parental Control systems, out of the reach of the tools that kids normally use to defeat Parental Control systems.

If he can really find a way to get around Degamify then he really is a computer whiz. Perhaps we’d like to hire him 🙂

No he can’t. Degamify will alert you in the event that it’s been unplugged or disabled. This is usually a deterrent for most children.

However, we recognize that children who are intent on playing regardless of the consequences may not see this as an issue. In this case, Degamify does offer several ways to ensure its physical security so that it remains plugged in and running.


Degamify provides you with several ways for you to identify which gaming sessions are allowed and which ones need to be controlled.

Degamify was built by home networking professionals in conjunction with leading child psychologists and addiction counselors. It uses our patent pending Adaptive Selection technology to detect when games are being played without disturbing the rest of your home’s internet traffic.

Degamify looks for the gaming traffic on your home network and acts on it based on many factors such as who generated it, time of day, number of hours gaming, etc. Then, based on some rules, it may allow it to pass, block it from the internet, or slow it down depending on what the situation requires. This sophisticated behavior provides much greater control, something that standard Parental Control systems lack.

Degamify and other Parental Control Systems

Degamify is specifically designed to help you manage your child’s online gaming. It compliments and can be used with other Parental Control systems.

Why would you want a specialized tool to control online gaming? Think about this: your kitchen most likely has an oven, a microwave and a toaster. They all heat up food but some are better at specific tasks. If you try to make toast in the microwave, you’re going to be unhappy with the results.

We believe that controlling online gaming is complex enough to warrant a specialized tool. If you want to do it right, you’ll want to use Degamify.

Not effectively.

Unlike Degamify, traditional internet child safety solutions can only allow or completely block internet gaming traffic. And this only works when the system is in force. Unfortunately, motivated gamers have found all sorts of ways of getting around the restrictions of the typical internet child safety solution.

Degamify runs without profiles and any configuration that’s done is minimal. This doesn’t mean that all games are forbidden all of the time, far from it. It means that the right people are allowed to play games at the right time.

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About Us

Who We Are

We’re parents who build software.

We’re the team that developed RouterCheck, a popular tool to help people find, diagnose and fix security problems in their home networks. RouterCheck has over 100,000 users in more than 200 countries and showed us just how difficult home networking is for the average person.

Sander came up with the basic idea for Degamify and wrote most of the code for it. He’s been developing software professionally for 32 years and prefers Chicago style pizza.



Jennifer writes the documentation, oversees the user interface and helps to build the community. She’s developed software for 23 years and likes to go to the gym.

Who you are

You’re a parent, or a guardian, or another type of caregiver to a child who seems to have lost control of his video gaming. You fear that he’s missing out on all sorts of opportunities as the gaming crowds out other interests and steals time from more productive pursuits. You’re looking for a solution that will be effective without requiring an advanced degree in computer networking or causing too many fights.

Please talk back to us. Tell us about your concerns, your successes and your failures. How can we help you – how can we help others.

Send us a note: parentsfeedback@degamify.com

Why we built Degamify

Degamify was conceived as a solution to a problem that exists because of two things that were occurring:

The products to build and maintain home computer networks were difficult to use

We had already built a product called RouterCheck that tests the security of home networks and has over 100,000 users. Our RouterCheck experience taught us that many people find it difficult to set up and maintain their home network, and as a result, these networks become targets for hackers. It also became clear that the real problem was not these people’s abilities, but rather that home networking products are just really hard to use. We knew that if we ever built a product for the home market, it would need to be very easy to use.

Parents were becoming increasingly frustrated with their children’s out-of-control gaming habits

At the same time, we had friends tell us about the difficulties in trying to control their children’s gaming habits. The solutions that they found were either difficult to use or ineffective when their kids figured out how to bypass them. They were looking for a a way to control the gaming. They knew that taking devices away and going cold turkey was a mistake, but there was nothing to do what they wanted.

There must be a better way

One day the solution came to us. So we built Degamify.

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