What is Degamify?

Degamify is a small device that’s installed into your home’s computer network in under 2 minutes. Unlike other Parental Control products, Degamify does not require you to create complex profiles. It just works because your time is better spent being a parent, not the cyber-police.

Degamify was built to address the biggest problems that parents identify when talking about their child’s gaming:

  • Access to computers is essential to a child’s schoolwork and social community. It can’t simply be taken away.
  • Children are true digital citizens and often know more about computers and setting up home networks than their parents do.
  • Parental Control products often take time to set up and get used to using. Settings need to constantly be modified when a child needs access to something that’s normally “out of bounds”.
  • Games are available at all hours of the night. You can join a game at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Parents need to be parents, not the cyber-police. The gaming may bad but the fights that it starts are worse.

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