About Us

Who We Are

We’re parents who build software.

We’re the team that developed RouterCheck, a popular tool to help people find, diagnose and fix security problems in their home networks. RouterCheck has over 100,000 users in more than 200 countries and showed us just how difficult home networking is for the average person.

Sander came up with the basic idea for Degamify and wrote most of the code for it. He’s been developing software professionally for 32 years and prefers Chicago style pizza.



Jennifer¬†writes the documentation, oversees the user interface and helps to build the community. She’s developed software for 23 years and likes to go to the gym.

Who you are

You’re a parent, or a guardian, or another type of caregiver to a child who seems to have lost control of his video gaming. You fear that he’s missing out on all sorts of opportunities as the gaming crowds out other interests and steals time from more productive pursuits. You’re looking for a solution that will be effective without requiring an advanced degree in computer networking or causing too many fights.

Please talk back to us. Tell us about your concerns, your successes and your failures. How can we help you – how can we help others.

Send us a note: parentsfeedback@degamify.com

Why we built Degamify

Degamify was conceived as a solution to a problem that exists because of two things that were occurring:

The products to build and maintain home computer networks were difficult to use

We had already built a product called RouterCheck that tests the security of home networks and has over 100,000 users. Our RouterCheck experience taught us that many people find it difficult to set up and maintain their home network, and as a result, these networks become targets for hackers. It also became clear that the real problem was not these people’s abilities, but rather that home networking products are just really hard to use. We knew that if we ever built a product for the home market, it would need to be very easy to use.

Parents were becoming increasingly frustrated with their children’s out-of-control gaming habits

At the same time, we had friends tell us about the difficulties in trying to control their children’s gaming habits. The solutions that they found were either difficult to use or ineffective when their kids figured out how to bypass them. They were looking for a a way to control the gaming. They knew that taking devices away and going cold turkey was a mistake, but there was nothing to do what they wanted.

There must be a better way

One day the solution came to us. So we built Degamify.

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